Common Questions

?What is the status of the company employees

All the company workers are considered salaried employees for all intents and purposes for all Israeli authorities including ITA, National insurance and the ministry of labor. The employees get a monthly pay stub and an employees 106 tax statement is issued in the end of every tax year. An employee who was terminated because the project with the client has ended will be eligible for unemployment  pay under the standard unemployment insurance accreditation regulations.  Employees get paid maternity leave by the National Insurance as employees. 

What is the status of the company employees for the US

The company workers are also considered salaried employees for US tax purposes. Meaning that US citizens report as salaried income to the IRS and the income is not subject to self employed Social Security taxes. 

?Is the service legal

Of course! Yeul Sachir is recognized by all Israeli authorities and even provides its employment solution to a variety of government ministries. 

With what types of clients does Yeul Sachir work

Yeul Sachir works with various companies from Israel and abroad. With small business and big corporations WIth NGOs such as the Joint, the Jewish Agency, and US charities and with Israeli government offices and municipalities 

?Do the employees get a paystub

All the company employees get a pay stub directly to their email. In addition the pay stubs are uploaded every 15th of the month to the  online employee portal.  Every employee gets an account in the employee portal with a UN and PW upon joining the company. 

?How can clients pay Yeul Sachir

Clients can pay Yeul Sachir via a wire transfer in Israel of abroad, via Payment solutions such as Payoneer or with checks. For more information click here. 

How are employee salaries executed

The company pays the employees their salary by direct deposit on the 1st or 9th of the month

?Can you pay suppliers

If employees or a client work with a certain supplier, we can pay him directly from the income  received from the project\clients.

?Can expenses be submitted for tax deduction

Certain expenses can be summitted to the company for deductions against the income from the project an employee is are working on. Tax deductions will only be done we examined the nature of the expense and approved submitting it. 

?Are benefits paid

The company makes deposits for pension  for the mandatory amounts and above  to all it’s employees. The company will deposit to a pension fund according the employee’s or his agent’s choosing or will provide him with the services of the YS in house financial agency. Employees also enjoy deposits to Keren Hishtalmut savings account of their choosing (considering the tax level and the term of the  services agreement of the project on which the employee works).

What about sick days

Sick days payment is done according the the terms in the service agreement with the client

Does the company work with all the professions

The company mostly work with while collar professions and naturally these days there is a affinity towards consultants and the tech sector. Following the criteria and rules set to us by National Insurances, the company reserves itself the right now to work with any person that seems to not fit them. 

?What are the response and office hours

Office hours are Sunday-Thursday between 9:00-17:00. Outside these hours, we make an effort to answer any email and message within one business day. 

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