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Yeuls Sachir, the leading Israeli payroll company, helps hundreds of companies and entities from Israel and abroad to employ Israeli professionals for short and long-term projects. The company provides payroll, outsourcing and financial services.

Global and Flexible employment done right

Yeul Sachir Group provides solutions for professionals and companies\organizations, who wish to engage in a legal and organized manner, establishing a contractor-customer relationship, while assuring the rights of the contractor as an employee. Whether be it an Israeli company seeking to hire an a outside consultant, a government office engaging a supplier of services, or a non-Israeli company looking to take on an individual or even a team of Israeli tech pros, we can provide the platform. YS employees are recognized as salaried employees for all intents and purposes by all Israeli authorities and enjoy all the rights that go with this status. YS also provides the employees a variety of benefits including a personal handling of all their pension and insurance needs. Check out the product that may fit your needs from the “products” menu to learn more.


Some of our clients




A Hybrid customer personal  service

The company employees and its clients enjoy an efficient service throughout the day in a variety of communication channels, as well as an online portal, where all their payroll financial data is just one click away at any given time. We at the YS Group believe in combining technological tools with a personal human response to provide the best service experience to every employee and customer.






 Flexible employment – The trend of the modern labor market”

“The Zoomers are coming to work and freelancing is what suits them 

The work model that was always secondary to traditional regular employment sees a sure in popularity as the younger generation join the workforce and who see it is an opportunity for professional fulfillment, flexible employment and even financial stability”.

The Marker, May 27th, 2023




Financial Home


Yeul Sachir Group ensures optimal pension and savings deposits for every employee and provides additional financial and insurance products through its in-house finance agency. Click here to learn more.